DEPHAN has developed a new-gen photodetector for pulsed light detection in automotive & industrial LiDARs, medical imaging, optical wireless communications, and other applications where high-precision light detection is required. 

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers, physicists, technologists. 

Dephan photodetectors combine such strong features as high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, simplicity of arrays fabrication, background illumination resistance, etc. 

Our photodetector engineering samples have been tested by several global LiDAR manufacturers and the feedback was very positive. In 2022-2023 DEPHAN plans to enter the world market of highly-sensitive photodetectors and take a significant share of it.

Responsibilities Design and develop SiP/SoC architecture for a high-sensitive photodetector (SiPM) for LiDAR applications Set photodetector technical requirements depending on the application used Wor...

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