Dr. Shubin, one of Dephan’s founders, began to develop the idea of an avalanche photodetector with negative feedback in the 1970s at the research laboratory of the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. This device became the basis of solid-state photomultipliers and their version – the SiPM photodetector of the 1990s. Later, the idea of a new type of photomultiplier with high dynamic range (High amplifier channel Density, HD-SiPM) came to our founders, and in 2016 the Dephan team was supplemented by talented young engineers to create a company with the goal to commercialize the idea and take on the HD photomultiplier market.

Now the Dephan team consists of more than 20 higly skilled spesialists persones with necessary competencies in the field of semiconductor technology, photodetectors design and applications as well as business and market development.

Yury Pozdnyakov
Yury Pozdnyakov
  • PhD in Physics of Plasma
  • 15+ years of experience in management of scientific and innovation companies
  • Building, leading, and motivating teams to be aligned with business requirements
Evgeny Levin
  • 15+ years of experience in photodetectors, physical experiment technique, project and team management
  • Full cycle of novel devices creation from invention to customer support
Dmitry Shushakov
Dmitry Shushakov
R&D Director
  • 25+ years of experience in photodetectors design from invention to small lot production
  • In the 90s, being part of Shubin’s team, laid the basement of modern SiPMs theory
Vitaliy Shubin
Vitaliy Shubin
Scientific Mentor
  • PhD, Dr of Science (habil.)
  • 40+ years of scientific experience in the field of semiconductor physics
  • 100+ publications; 10+ patents
Nikolay Kolobov
Nikolay Kolobov
Technology Mentor
  • PhD, Dr of Science (habil.), Professor; trained 3000+ students
  • 100+ publications
  • 20+ patents in the field of microelectronics technology semiconductor physics
Konstantin Sitarsky
Konstantin Sitarsky
Product-line Manager
  • PhD in Integrated Optics
  • 20+ years of scientific experience in integrated optics
  • 15+ years of experience in semiconductor physics
  • 20+ publications; 2 patents
Madina Maydanova
Madina Maydanova
Business Development Director
  • 7+ years of experience in marketing, project controls and business development
  • Research and analysis of business development opportunities; supporting the team in establishing relationship with new potential customers, partners and investors
Sergey Bogdanov
Sergey Bogdanov
Lead Design Engineer
  • PhD in Physics and Mathematics
  • 30+ years of scientific and engineering experience in the field of semiconductor physics
  • 20+ publications; 1 patent
Danil Maleev
Danil Maleev
Senior Electronics Engineer
  • PhD in Radiophysics and Electronics, Associate Professor
  • 40+ years experience in full-cycle development of opto-electronic devises
  • 15+ years of scientific and engineering experience in non-linear optics
  • 50+ publications
Marat Khalili
Marat Khalili
Senior Sales Engineer
  • PhD in Theoretical Physics
  • 15+ years of experience in engineering and customer support
  • 5+ years of experience in sales management
Rostislav Torgovnikov
Rostislav Torgovnikov
Chief Technologist
  • 5+ years of experience in semiconductor R&D, process engineering, manufacturing and project management
  • 15+ years of scientific experience in the field of SiGe process and devices simulation
  • 30+ publications
Timofey Shpakovsky
Timofey Shpakovsky
Application Engineer
  • 5+ years experience in physical experiment technique, laboratory automation and electronic circut design. Deep knowloges in opto-electronic and opto-mechanical systems development
Andrew Osykin
Andrey Osykin
R&D Engineer
  • 5+ years experience in semiconductor device measurements, electrophysical simulation, automation of data processing and statistical analysis
Alexey Leontyev
Alexey Leontyev
Software Engineer
  • 4+ experience in development control and automation software for measurement equipment. Embedded system software/firmware development. Measurements automation and data acquisition system programming
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